WaterWolf is preparing for 3D production of rugged, high pressure hulls.

  1. Super Tough High Pressure Hulls

    When a builder sets out to create a boat, the hull is often the first consideration. If the hull is molded using composites there are space consuming and labor intensive hurdles to overcome, as well as the high cost of making or buying a mold. If the hulls need to be re-designed or fracture during testing, then back to the drawing board.

    Another solution is to use inflatable hulls, however they are notoriously difficult to make in a D.I.Y. setting and commercially available products rarely provide performance needed for most boats. WaterWolf supplies unique modular hulls which allow a builder to choose one of five diameters and also specify length while also adjusting the bow and stern curves to meet their needs.

    These hulls are inflatable yet can be pressurized to match the stiffness of rigid composites, a first for inflatable hulls, and unlike rigid composites can be deflated for easier transportation. In the rare event there is major damage; only the damaged section needs to be replaced, a significant cost savings over replacing an entire hull.

  2. Modular Carbon Fiber Components
    Dedicated components perfected to match these hulls are also modular. Most parts are epoxy infused carbon fiber composites including crossbeams, clamps, rudders and centerboards. These multipurpose modular parts allow the boats to be upgraded, reconfigured or disassembled for transportation.
  3. WateWolf Open Source Boats
    WaterWolf has started a comprehensive open source endeavor. Original innovations have been developed pursuing the challenging goal of best possible inflatable hulls. Many of these hi-tech ideas could be patented; instead they will be freely distributed via open source licenses. With open source hardware and software all participants have full rights to use, reproduce and improve on what is specified in the open source license. The intellectual property will be shared with all encouraging individuals and small motivated teams around the world to build standardized products and communally share all production and design improvements. Since the design and production is computer driven there is infinite variably in how each shop can choose to make its products. Although the parts are designed to be interchangeable each producer will be able to specialize with their particular formula and customize to local needs.